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Our Specialties

Explore the topics we have clinical experience with to determine if we are a good fit for you. 

Depression comes in waves and is experienced in a lot of different ways. If you feel angry, hopeless, a lack of desire, fatigued or are having thoughts about ending your life, you may be experiencing depression. 

Depression & Suicidal Ideation

Trauma & Abuse

Trauma does not discriminate! We have all experienced trauma in some form. Whether that be abuse, grief and loss, physical trauma, relational changes, or other life altering experiences. 

Gender Identity

The gender identity journey is complex yet beautiful. Whether you are exploring your identity, would like support in transitioning or experiencing mental health disturbances related to it, we can support you where you are. 

Sexual Identity

Human sexuality has a tricky history. It has been seen has taboo for a long time, and still can be for those who feel as though their sexual identity goes against societal norms. Let's continue to rewrite the human sexuality narrative. 

Allies & Families

Understanding your child's identity can be difficult to do alone. We can help you process this information and support your child. 


Or perhaps you are an ally and are looking for mental health services from professionals with an inclusive perspective. 

Anxiety & Stress

Anxiety is like a broken fire alarm. It goes off when there is no fire or emergency. This can be very unsettling, especially when it occurs in a lot of places. Anxiety can feel like, restlessness, irritability, overwhelm, periods of worry, and isolation. 


Relationships can be the source of trauma and pain. But they can also be the reason we heal and feel loved. Navigating them can be extremely difficult because of these reasons. Let's talk about your story and the people within it. 

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